Domestic Violence Intervention Program (Batterers Intervention)

Certified by the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The program consists of an initial intake and 16 two-hour sessions designed to assess, educate, and rehabilitate the serious and repeat domestic abuser. It was developed and based on the Cognitive-Behavorial, Psycho-Educational, and Pro-Feminist Models. Each group has both a female and male facilitator to display appropriate role modeling as required by the coalition. Also required for certification, is to keep the victim informed of the perpetrator’s progress during the program. The courts and local victim’s shelter are also informed of the perpetrator’s progress. Our program is open and on-going, which means after the intake evaluation, the perpetrator can immediately begin group sessions. The goal of the Domestic Violence Intervention Program is to be a part of the community to eliminate domestic violence, to make safety of the victim and children of primary importance, and to effect social change leading to cultural values that prohibit abuse within family and intimate relationships. Program personnel are required and provided accredited continuing education units that include facilitator training as well as victim’s issues training for compliance during certification terms.